There are literally a thousand things you could sign your children up for – sports & scouts or camps & clubs. How do you decide which ones are going to benefit your child the most, and are the best use of your family’s time and finances? Here are 5 reasons to put Jiu Jitsu at the top of that list.

Confidence – as your child moves through their Jiu Jitsu training they will attain their various belts as well as recognition for showing others respect, having integrity, developing their character and being disciplined – all of this will increase their self-confidence and help them see all the potential they possess.

Focus – from the very beginning you and your child will be working together to set goals and push hard to achieve them. This single-mindedness improves focus and helps children see the value of working hard for intrinsic rewards. In addition to goal setting your child will use an incredible amount of focus throughout each class. The instructor will be challenging your child with new moves and skills to master every day. It will require them to focus hard in order to move to the next level.

Fun – of course no child is going to want to continue with an activity if they aren’t having fun, and Jiu Jitsu classes are no different. We know kids like to play games, compete with one another, and just have fun, and we incorporate all of that into our training program. Having fun is a great way to get kids introduced to one another and help them feel comfortable trying new things, and we use that to its fullest.

Physical Fitness – like other sports Jiu Jitsu will have your child exercising and burning calories throughout the class, but unlike more traditional sports your child will also use different muscles and will develop other areas of their body beyond simply cardio activity.

Social – while attending classes your child will experience positive interactions both with other students and with the instructor. Students are encouraged to support one another and applaud each other’s success as they move through their training. In addition to these positive interactions your child will be educated about anti-bullying tips. These are ways to help them avoid being bullied, and to deal with it should it occur. Your child should not live in fear, Jiu Jitsu will give them the confidence they need to overcome bullying fears.

Experiencing an introductory Jiu Jitsu lesson is the perfect way to determine if Jiu Jitsu is a good fit for your child. Contact Alliance today to get started!