For every student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there comes a point of realizing the enormity of what you’re trying to learn.  There are over a thousand variations of pins and escapes and sweeps and locks and guard passes and chokes, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  As with any sport there will also be many different voices filling your head – more experienced students; your instructor; random Internet videos; and more.  It’s important to filter through all of that information and come up with the techniques that are actually important for you to begin mastering.  Once you’ve got those well within your control there will be plenty of time to add more skills to your arsenal.

Here is a list of just 4 techniques for beginners to work on.

  1. Guard Replacement with Hip Escape – every escape requires you to move your hips while on the bottom so this is a skill you’ll have to get very good at. This type of hip escape also teaches you bridging in addition to hip escape. This skill is especially helpful when your arms are out of position and you need to create some space between you and your opponent.
  2. Triangle Choke from Guard – when you’re on the bottom and dealing with an opponent who is stronger, or more experienced than you, this is your primary option. The triangle choke teaches you how to use your legs to attack your opponent and gain control.  It can be used for Jiu Jitsu students at every level and will be integrated into other techniques as you continue in your training.
  3. Scissor Sweep – this is your entry level sweep because it’s the foundation that all other sweeps are built upon. It will teach you how to move your hips properly to create an angle, the benefits of using your legs rather than your upper body, how to break your opponent’s balance, and methods of preventing your opponent from posturing.
  4. Bridge and Roll Escape – every new student has to learn to move away from their natural instinct to use their arms and instead move towards the larger muscle groups in your legs and lower back. The more you utilize your hips the more power you’ll have.  When used properly the bridge and roll escape gives you a good chance of escaping from the bottom and gaining the better position.

Your instructor will be your optimal source of information. They are aware of your training level and are best suited to give you training advice. If you have questions about what you have heard from others or seen in videos be sure to ask your Alliance Jiu Jitsu instructor.